Things we can do for you

In a nutshell these are the services we offer and can deliver through the Pool


Strategy and Consultancy

• Methodology, S.C.A.R Matrix

• Performance measurement

Web Design

• Content Managed Sites

• Microsites

• Ecommerce Websites

• Redesigns

Online marketing


• Email marketing

• Google Adwords

• Banner Advertising

• Social Networking Strategy

Some initial questions?

- Do you have an existing online channel that you wish to ramp up to improve it's return?
- Have you suitable expertise in-house, or do you need outside contractors to handle the job from start to finish, or do you wish to have help in-house that allows your team to learn and eventually take over?
- You have an existing web site that acts as an information tool but now you want a sales channel, you are
wondering what is the best and most useful e-commerce route to take?
- You have just built a brand new site need to get traffic and quickly?
- You have traffic but the site does not deliver your expectations, what do you do to ensure visitors do what you planned?
- You have been told only pay for clicks are the way to go, is this true what about Natural Search, banners and email lists?
- You want to assess the usefulness of RSS feeds, Blogs, SMS, Social Networking and Twitter as well as other integrated technologies but do not know who to ask?
- If any of these questions fire your imagination or touch a hot spot in your digital plan and you wish for an unbiased Opinion.