How to use the Pool

You can just dip your toe in or jump head first. It's up to you and your specific needs. Examples might be, you need training in eMarketing skills, or want to make your web site bring in new business and don't know how. You might have a new development project and want to minimise the risks or want your staff trained in integrating customer needs across all platforms. You might just want to make sure your web site is secure from hackers or you are planning a conference and require speakers. It might be as simple as you want some traffic or need help managing a digital project.


If you have any type of issue about business development in the new economy just dip into the pool and ask the question. It does not cost anything to ask and it's a lot easier than playing the guessing game.


Cost Implications

Sometimes of course, the pool can help for free - a high profile conference, a quick answer to a question, a direction to some free download. But generally Digital Pool will charge by the hour/project or as percentage based on results. However costs are always discussed up front and everything is fully quoted and accountable.


Pool People

Every individual in the pool is here because of their hard earned experience. They have all spent many years facing the challenges at the businesses face.


They are here only if their peer group accept them as experts. Battle hardened some might say!


The Pool brings together real skills, practical vision and above all a sense of purpose.